Corporate plan 2021-27

This document explains how WICS intends to fulfil its remit and statutory responsibilities during the regulatory control period 2021-27.

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About this document

This Corporate Plan explains our strategic objectives; the outcomes we are setting out to achieve for customers, communities and other stakeholders; the activities we will need to undertake to deliver these outcomes; and the resources that will be necessary. We also explain how we will structure the way we work so that we are as efficient and effective as possible.

The Commission Board will use the Corporate Plan over the forthcoming regulatory control period to monitor progress against the commitments in the plan. We will also report progress against a more detailed annual work plan in our annual report.

The Corporate Plan aligns with the next regulatory control period, covering the period 2021-27.

Our role

The Water Industry Commission for Scotland was formed on 1 July 2005 under the Water Services etc. (Scotland) Act 2005.

In summary, our statutory duties are to:

  • promote the interests of Scottish Water’s customers and, in so doing, to have regard to the interests of future customers;
  • ensure that customer charges reflect the lowest reasonable overall cost for Scottish Water to deliver the Scottish Ministers’ Objectives;
  • comment on Scottish Water’s reporting of its performance, challenging Scottish Water to become more efficient and sustainable;
  • facilitate the entry of retail water and sewerage providers that wish to supply non-household customers in Scotland; and
  • support the Scottish Government’s vision of ensuring that Scotland is a Hydro Nation, and to meet our obligations under the Water Resource Act 2013.


We are accountable, through the Scottish Ministers to the Scottish Parliament and, ultimately, to water and sewerage customers in Scotland. We achieve this accountability by being transparent about our work, by engaging and consulting with others, and by reporting progress against the commitments in our Corporate Plan in our annual report (which is laid before Parliament).

The Commission has a Board consisting of four non-executive board members and the Chief Executive. The Scottish Ministers appoint the non-Executive members of the Board. The Board appoints the Chief Executive. The Board’s role is to oversee the governance of the organisation and its strategic direction. The Board is supported in its work by an Audit and Risk Committee.


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