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Request Type: FOI

Date Received: 08/04/22

Date Responded: 25/04/22

Category:  Wastewater compliance in Scotland


Would you please tell me how many in-person and online meetings have been held between the WICS and water companies over the past five years.


Please would you supply the minutes of each meeting. 


Can you please tell me the date of each meeting, which water company attended and which WICS representatives were present?


WICS is the economic regulator for the water and wastewater industry in Scotland and determines the lowest reasonable overall costs that should be incurred by Scottish Water to deliver the Scottish Ministers’ objectives and Principles of Charging. WICS is also responsible for licensing retailers. Our role here is to facilitate entry to the market and administer the licensing framework of retailers.  In Scotland, SEPA is the responsible body for monitoring Scottish Water’s wastewater compliance.

Given our role, I believe we are fairly limited in what we are able to provide in relation to your request. It might be that Scottish Water or SEPA are better placed to provide you with the type of information you are looking for.

That said, I would like to point you to some information which I believe you might find useful. It is readily available from our website at the links below:

  • Annual Return Data. We collect information from Scottish Water each year and this allows us to monitor its performance across a range of areas. For example, on service levels and the investment programme. You can find information relating to wastewater compliance in Table E: Annual Return & Regulatory Accounts | WICS
  • Scottish Water’s Performance Report: Performance | WICS
  • EIR 10 20 a previous information request recorded in our disclosure log, of a similar nature: EIR - Scottish Water data | WICS
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