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Ref No.: 10 20

Request Type: EIR

Date Received: 19/06/2020

Date Responded: 30/06/2020

Category: Data


Would it be possible to have data on Scottish Water on:

  1. Water delivered (ml/day),
  2. Volume of wastewater treated (ml/day),
  3. Total operating expenditure,
  4. Total capital expenditure, % of sewage treatment works non-compliant (or equivalent indicator representing wastewater compliance), and
  5. % Mean zonal compliance (or equivalent indicator representing water quality)

This would ideally be yearly data dating back as far as you go, I presume this is 1990?

I currently have data from 2013/14 onwards, so you can miss these years out, if you do help me with my request.

In terms of sending the information over, this could be through sending over the whole yearly datasets you have (preferable but difficult to send over email due to size constrictions) or condensing it.


We responded by providing links to the requested material on our website. Please see the table below. 

Scottish Water Historical Data - Request June 2020
Link to annual return tables All years here
Total capital expenditure
Water Table G1
Wastewater Table G1
Total operating expenditure
Water Table E1
Wastewater Table E2
Total water delivered to domestic and non-domestic properties
Table A2
Wastewater volume treated
Table E7
% Sewage treatment works compliance 
Average compliance by works - all sizes (by treatment category) Table E8
Water quality compliance indicators
Compliance section  Table E5




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