FOI - Fleet usage


Ref No.: 25 22

Request Type: FOI

Date Received: 04/10/22

Date Responded: 07/10/22

Category:  Fleet usage


If your organisation utilises grey fleet to deliver its operations, please may you complete the ‘Grey Fleet Vehicles’ tab in the public body questionnaire attached and return this to us upon completion?

I have also attached a Private Sector Data Collection Form: if your organisation’s services are delivered through the use of a private sector organisation, could you please send this on to be completed by the private sector company and then return the completed form to us.


The Water Industry Commission does not hold any information on private sector or grey fleet as it does not use those services to deliver its operations. Section 17 of FOISA states that where public authorities receive requests for information that they do not hold, they must issue a notice advising that they do not hold the requested information.

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