SRC21 Letter - Deadline for completion

This letter sets a deadline of 31 August 2022 for a full submission of the information requested from Scottish Water on 10 March and 21 April 2022. 



Simon Parsons

Director of Strategic Customer Service Planning

Scottish Water Castle House

6 Castle Drive Carnegie Campus 


KY11 8GG    

10 May 2022

Your Ref: Information Request

Dear Simon

Information Request – Timescales for completion

I am writing to follow up on my letter of 21 April.

The information request is the result of the Commission’s conditional acceptance of the Scheme of Charges for 2022-23 given its concerns as to how Scottish Water plans to deliver the expectations of the Final Determination.

At our subsequent meeting on 27 April, we discussed the need for further sessions with our respective organisations to discuss the tables, definitions, and potential gaps that may exist. We are more than happy to have these sessions with you, given the importance that we place on this information. It may therefore be helpful to be clear about our expectations. In our view, we should receive:

  • an overall timeline for completing the tables to be provided by 31 May 2022; and
  • The completed tables by 31 August 2022 to assist in preparations for the Scheme of Charges 2023-24.

We are happy to discuss the specific scheduling of submissions within this timeframe.

Yours sincerely,


Alan D A Sutherland 

Chief Executive


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