2021-27 Draft Determination

This document sets out WICS's view of the maximum amount Scottish Water can charge customers during 2021-27.

Additional sections covering our detailed reasoning and supporting appendices are available for download by following the PDF link.

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Benefits For Customers And Communities

Our draft determination allows Scottish Water to deliver wide-ranging, long-lasting benefits for Scottish customers and communities.

Best value for customers:

  • Today’s levels of service to customers are as good as has ever been recorded by any company in Great Britain. Our proposals will allow Scottish Water to ensure that these high service standards are maintained now and into the future.
  • Our proposals allow Scottish Water the flexibility to reflect the results of its planned national engagement programme in its annual Scheme of Charges.
  • Our decisions protect the interests of today’s customers and future generations.

A flourishing environment and excellent quality drinking water:

  • Scottish Water has the funding it needs to continue to deliver a flourishing environment and excellent quality drinking water.
  • The investment will ensure that Scottish Water’s assets, such as its pipes and sewers, are better able to withstand future unexpected events.

A greener Scotland:

  • Scottish Water has the funding it will need to deliver the first phase of its ambitious net zero emissions target for 2040.
  • It is also being supported to provide wider benefits for customers and communities, and to provide additional benefits such as access to land for leisure.

A more prosperous Scotland:

  • We are allowing for significantly increased investment in a £1.2bn industry that improves infrastructure, creates jobs and supports livelihoods across Scotland.
  • Scottish Water is – and will continue to be – a financially sustainable business and an exemplar model on the international stage.
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