Colin McNaughton

Director of Analysis

Colin has exceptional knowledge and understanding of regulatory frameworks across the world and of competition economics in the utility sectors. He focuses on the analytical work of the office and brings a unique perspective derived from working both for an economic regulator and by advising many regulatory bodies, governments and regulated companies across different utility sectors as a former consultant.

During his time at WICS Colin has been key to several price reviews. At the 2010-15 review he undertook market-leading work on benchmarking Scottish Water’s costs and performance. At the 2015-21 review he helped WICS develop a revised approach, including a new approach for customer engagement – the result of which was a stronger customer voice and a more customer focused regulated company. For the current review (2021-27) Colin is looking in particular at appropriate levels of funding to maintain Scottish Water’s assets for customers today and in future in the light of the net zero emissions target facing Scottish Water.

Through his international work to support the Scottish Government’s Hydro Nation initiative Colin provides strategic advice and analytical inputs to other governments and regulatory bodies.

Colin has previously worked as a senior consultant at Europe’s leading economics consultancy, Oxera. Here he led projects and applied economic principles to complex issues in numerous countries and diverse industries including water, energy, telecoms, post, transport and financial services. His work covered price reviews, developing proposals for regulatory governance frameworks and advising in merger cases at national competition authorities. Drawing on his deep and wide-ranging understanding, Colin coordinated and taught on Oxera’s Utility Regulation training courses.

Colin has a BA (Hons) degree in Finance from the University of Strathclyde.