EIR - Water consumption


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Ref No.: 03 23

Request Type: EIR

Date Received: 01/05/23

Date Responded: 05/05/23

Category:  Water consumption


Does WICS have data for water consumption by different industrial sectors in Scotland? Like commercial, industrial, domestic, transportation, public admin, etc…


We have handled your request as a request for environmental information under the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 (EISRs).  

We consider your request to be exempt from disclosure under the EISRs because we do not hold it.  We have provided more information on the EISRs, how they apply and why we have applied the exemption in the Annex to this response

We would however like to provide you with links to Scottish Water’s annual return data which is available on our website, just in case it is of use to you. You can find it here

I believe Scottish Water or the Central Market Agency might be better placed to assist you with your request. I have provided links to both websites where you can find their contact details.

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