SRC21 letter - Information request queries

This letter outlines the queries WICS has asked Scottish Water in reviewing its regulatory information submission and 2021-22 annual return. 


Simon Parsons

Director of Strategic Customer Service Planning

Scottish Water Castle House

6 Castle Drive Carnegie Campus Dunfermline

KY11 8GG    

26 October 2022

Annual Return and Information Request queries

Dear Simon

We have reviewed the information in the Annual Return 2021-22 received on 28 September 2022. Our review has raised queries that are set out in the enclosed document titled ‘AR22 queries’.

As set out in the delivery timetable previously agreed with Scottish Water (as shown in the table below), we look forward to receiving the responses to these queries by Wednesday 16th November 2022.

Date Query/Response
26/10/2022 First round queries received from WICS
16/11/2022 SW respond to first round queries
30/11/2022 Second round queries received from WICS
14/12/2022  SW respond to second round queries

We also enclose our queries on the Information Request submissions received on 31st August 2022. These are set out in the document titled ‘IR queries’. Taking account of the timescales for responding to the first round of queries on the annual return, we request responses to the queries on the Information Request by Friday 25th November 2022.

Yours sincerely,

Colin McNaughton

Director of Analysis


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