SRC21 Letter - Information request

This letter identifies the areas of information that WICS would expect Scottish Water to provide in response to the Charges Scheme for 2022-23. 


Simon Parsons

Director of Strategic Customer Service Planning

Scottish Water Castle House

6 Castle Drive

Carnegie Campus


KY11 8GG  

10 March 2022

Your Ref: Information Request

Dear Simon,

Information Request

The letter from the Commission on the Charges Scheme for 2022-23 (dated 3 February 2022) identified that the Commission requires further explanation from Scottish Water as to how it will manage its costs and revenues and deliver the required investment, in a manner consistent with the Final Determination, during the remainder of the regulatory control period.

Further to that letter, we have now identified the areas of information that we would expect Scottish Water to cover in order to provide an appropriate response to the Commission. These are set out in the enclosed information request template and the supporting guidance and definitions. We ask that Scottish Water completes the template and provides it to the Commission in order to provide confidence in Scottish Water’s assessment of how it will manage its costs and revenues and deliver the required investment.

This is a detailed information request and we recognise that it will be challenging to complete fully. It is, however, essential to maintaining the confidence of stakeholders in the regulation of Scottish Water. As you know, the Commission is focused both on the performance of Scottish Water in the current regulatory control period and ensuring that Scottish Water is as well placed as possible to meet the triple challenges of reducing greenhouse gas emissions; improving the resilience of its services to the impact of climate change and ensuring the replacement of its assets in an economically optimal way. The Commission is also aware that there is likely to be an on-going need for significant investment in enhancement and growth projects. This is particularly important for the Commission given our statutory duties to protect the interests of future customers.

Once you have had a chance to review the request, we are happy to discuss timescales for providing this information and the sequencing of completing the tables. We would also be happy to discuss the content with you and your team and explain how we will use the information requested.

The Commission sees this information request as essential in ensuring that Scottish Water is seen to deliver as effectively as possible and can maintain its excellent track record of delivery.

Yours sincerely,

Alan D A Sutherland

Chief Executive

Copy of cover letter to:

Jon Rathjen, Deputy Director, Scottish Government

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