WICS Deputy CEO retires

Ian Tait, our Deputy CEO, retires after more than 20 years.

Ian Tait, the Water Industry Commission for Scotland’s Deputy CEO, is retiring on 21 April.

Ian first joined WICS in 2002. During his time with us Ian has led the development of our performance and monitoring processes, including introducing new reporting measures for Scottish Water. He was also instrumental in designing the regulatory adaptions necessary to support a long-term approach to planning and delivery.

More recently, as Deputy CEO, Ian has overseen the work of the office, managing wide-ranging teams and projects. He was responsible for overall delivery of the Strategic Review of Charges 2021-27 and managed the OECD’s peer review of the process.

An excellent communicator and well-respected colleague, Ian has been responsible for much of our stakeholder engagement at a senior level. This includes representing WICS on a number of joint bodies such as the Delivery Assurance Group, the group established by the Scottish Government to assure stakeholders of Scottish Water’s progress in delivering agreed targets.

Alan Sutherland, WICS’s CEO commented:

“It has been a real pleasure to work with Ian for so many years. Ian has used his interest in regulatory models and best practice to make invaluable contributions to the work of the office. In doing so he played a key role in bringing about the improvements in levels of service and efficiency that we have seen in the Scottish water and wastewater sector since 2002.

“He has also been an excellent mentor to our younger members of staff, helping share the experience he himself gained over 35 years within the utility and regulation sectors.”

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