Scottish Water’s 2020-21 performance

Our report sets out our assessment of Scottish Water’s performance in the financial year 2020-21, the final year of the six-year regulatory control period 2015-21.

We assess performance by comparing what Scottish Water delivered during the year with the targets in its Delivery Plan. The Delivery Plan sets out how Scottish Water intends to deliver the objectives set by the Scottish Ministers, within the financial framework that we set out in our final determination.

The report includes assessments on a number of key outcomes for customers; including levels of service and environmental performance along with delivery of the investment programme, performance against leakage targets, operating costs and financial strength.

The report also looks ahead to the need for significant transformation by Scottish Water, in order to ensure that it is best placed to meet the challenges of the future, including meeting their target for achieving net zero emissions and replacing ageing infrastructure. Meeting these challenges will require a ‘laser like’ focus by Scottish Water on strategic prioritisation of investment.

WICS will support this process by continuing to monitor Scottish Water’s progress in transforming itself and, along with other stakeholders, will provide input into their proposals as they develop.


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