Charges Scheme 2022-23

Scottish Water’s 2022-23 Scheme of Charges

Scottish Water has today announced its 2022-23 Scheme of Charges which covers the period 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023. The scheme sets out the proposed retail charges from Scottish Water to customers and wholesale charges from Scottish Water to retailers.

Scottish Water's charging decisions mean that in excess of £100m less investment (before any inflation is taken into account) will now be possible. 

In a letter to Scottish Water, WICS noted that our approval of this scheme is conditional on Scottish Water providing in due course a full explanation on how it will manage costs and revenues to deliver the required investment during the remainder of the 2021-27 regulatory control period.

Our Final Determination set out our assessment of the funding Scottish Water will require over the regulatory control period as it starts to transition towards net zero emissions and to address other challenges including an ageing asset base.

Read the letter in full 

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