Danny Taylor

Experienced Analyst

As an analyst at WICS Danny Taylor is supporting our work to develop and use financial modelling to consider investment requirements. Not only for Scottish Water, but for countries internationally.

Since Danny joined in October 2020 he has worked on wide-ranging projects, developing his technical skills and data-analysis expertise. He has shared his understanding of regulatory information both internationally and in Scotland.

Danny started his career at WICS working on an international project. The project involved a request for information which allowed WICS to collect data from each of the New Zealand councils. Danny went on to use the data to model several amalgamation scenarios. 

A confident analyst, Danny moved on to work on Scottish Water’s long term strategy which, among other things, included analysis of Scottish Water’s investment requirements over several decades. This work developed into financial modelling of Scottish Water whereby Danny worked cohesively with his peers to build a financial model that could be used to explore the different strategic options available to Scottish Water.

More recently, Danny has been leading on the development of a financial model for the new entities in New Zealand. Danny’s work has been used to test various scenarios for multiple entities in New Zealand. 

Danny graduated from Heriot-Watt University in 2020 with a Masters in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. 

We’re told from Danny “it’s the modelling work I enjoy most. I like the challenge of producing a set of formulae to profile investment or revenues using a set of inputs. After the model is produced, I find it interesting to test the inputs to find which ones are the most material”.

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