Mark Walker

Experienced Analyst

Mark Walker is an experienced analyst who supports the international projects we undertake as part of the Scottish Government’s Hydro Nation initiative. 

In the three years since joining WICS, Mark has developed strong analytical and consulting experience through his work with economic regulators, water utilities and government organisations in both Romania and New Zealand. 

His responsibilities have included leading on key feedback sessions for individual councils in New Zealand following modelling and benchmarking of their data, as part of a complex ‘Request for Information’ process. The was an important element of the strategic analysis of the economic benefits from aggregating water service delivery entities that WICS carried out for the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) in the country. 

A confident communicator, Mark has been responsible for designing and delivering bespoke training in economic regulation to wide-ranging stakeholders. This has included developing workshops and facilitating breakout sessions to senior managers and other employees of Watercare in New Zealand where WICS is providing regulatory support, helping to put in place the same processes that we use to regulate Scottish Water. He particularly enjoys helping others to understand what economic regulation entails, seeking to strike the right balance between the need for detail in highly complex areas and the need to make things as simple and comprehensible as possible. 

Mark is currently leading a project working with ApaVital, helping the company to assess and understand its current levels of service and operating expenditure, their future investment and revenue requirements. 

Mark also takes part in our graduate recruitment process, sitting on interview panels and designing our analytical assessment tests. He recently helped us to improve our selection process so that candidates gain a wider view of the work of the office as they move through the various stages. 

Mark has a First Class MA (Hons) in Economics and Theatre Studies at the University of Glasgow.